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Deadline For Signing Today
July 12, 2013


Tellez Signs With Jays @ 11th Hour 
by Editor Rick Cabral
With less than a half hour before the signing deadline, Rowdy Tellez (Elk Grove High) reached agreement and signed with the Toronto Blue Jays for $850,000, according to D. Brown, Toronto's local area scout. 

Tellez homer in the Sac-Joaquin 2013 Playoffs en route to Elk Grove High
Section Division I Title.

Tellez's bonus is greater than anyone else signed by the Blue Jays, including each of their Top 10 selections. It also is a new record for anyone ever picked after the 10th Round, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America.



“First of all, it’s just an honor to be drafted. Not many kids get to say they’ve been drafted out of high school,” Tellez told

“I was expecting on June 6th (First day of MLB Draft) to be taken, and to be out of here a month or so ago. But it didn’t work out that way. But I got what I wanted now.” 

Tellez noted that the Jays also added $272,000 for his college funding. 

As a senior Tellez hit .500 with 46 RBI, nine home runs and a .979 slugging percentage. He was a two-time Player of the Year for both and Sacramento Bee. 


Leading up to the draft, he was expected to be selected in the second or third rounds, but eventually “fell” to the 30th Round, where the Blue Jays snapped up the high school slugger, and in the process may have gotten their future first baseman. “The connection we had with D. Brown, the Jays' area scout, it wasn’t that surprising (to be picked by Toronto).” 

At the time, Tellez maintained a positive attitude, telling local reporters he would fulfill his scholarship commitment to USC. But throughout the summer as the Jays signed most of their Top 10 picks for less than the MLB guideline or bonus slot, they accumulated the largest pool saving of any MLB team with $1.7 million available at the signing deadline. This allowed them to pay Tellez 2nd Round money, while also signing their 11th Round pick Jake Brentz for $700,000 at the deadline, according to BaseballAmerica. They did not sign #1 pick Phil Bickford, a pitcher from Westlake Village High in southern California, who will play at CSU Fullerton.  

He added that dropping to the 30th Round is overblown.  "The draft rankings don’t mean anything,” Tellez observed candidly. “All it took was one team, the Blue Jays, to realize what they had and they thought I can make the team better, so they took their chance and we closed the deal a few minutes before deadline. I’m happy with the choice I made.”  

Rowdy Tellez will begin his career in the Florida Rookie League. “I hope to go out and do what I did in high school now in pro ball.” He looks forward to starting with a full season under his belt next year.

Dom Nunez, Tellez' teammate at Elk Grove, was drafted in the 6th Round by Colorado, and signed for $800,000.  


Tellez and Nunez led Elk Grove to the Sac-Joaquin Section Division I championship, sweeping St. Mary's of Stockton in two games. In the playoffs, Tellez was outstanding, hitting three home runs in cavernous Union Stadium at Sacramento City College.

Tellez admits their friendly rivalry was competitive, and it “just so happened they (Jays) gave me more than Dom (got from Colorado). I’m really proud of (Dom). We are really close and we want the best for each other. We have the same goal. And hopefully we make it at the same time. That would be awesome.”


In other draft news, Mauricio Dubon of Capital Christian has signed with the Boston Red Sox and has been assigned to their Gulf Coast League team.

Dubon, a two-time All-Capitol Team player, was drafted in the 26th Round by Boston and signed for a $75,000 bonus, according to Baseball America's Jim Callis.

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Tellez-Blue Jays Update 7/7/13:

Since the report below was filed, the Jays have signed their eighth ninth and tenth round pics for the aggregate sum of $11,000. That's amazing and you have to wonder at the team's negotiating tactics. For the price of a used Jetta, Toronto snagged three Top 10 picks. And the resultant savings from those deals amounts to $429,200 added to its bonus surplus, which now totals nearly $1.6 million. The chance to land Tellez looks even better with less than a week to go.

Jays' Area Scout D. Brown said Toronto has yet to make Tellez an offer. He confirmed that the Blue Jays are abiding by a strategy that calls for saving money with their Top 10 picks to give Toronto an opportunity to "get maybe four or five more players that can have some kind of an impact to the organization."

Including a 30th Round selection? "Exactly," Brown said. He noted that "the round really doesn't matter" in terms of what a late-round prospect can expect in a draft bonus.

"I think it's fair to say that we're going do to everythring we can to make a legitimate run at getting the Latino Bambino in a Blue Jays uniform."


Happy Independence Day!

Rowdy Flying North With the Jays?



When Rowdy Tellez was overlooked until the 30th round by the Toronto Blue Jays, most observers ruled out the possibility of his signing this year. Tellez, in fact, told Sacramento Bee and Elk Grove Citizen reporters that since he didn’t get drafted in the rounds he expected (generally thought to be 2nd to late 3rd), he was definitely heading to USC.

But there still may be an outside possibility Tellez could still sign with the Jays. Okay, “outside” may be closer to “outside the solar system,” but still it remains a mathematical possibility. And math is the key to this story. 

It has been rumored Rowdy’s bonus demand ranged from $1MM to $1.2MM, though he would not confirm that figure for our local scribes. What may have been perceived as intransigence on his part perhaps sent teams into a spiraling mantra of “unsignability” on draft day. His former teammate Dom Nunez, by contrast, asked for less and got it from the Rockies ($800,000).

Meantime, Baseball America last week selected Tellez to its First Team All-American list, conferring a new patina of legitimacy on Rowdy Ryan. 

A 30th Round selection, however, would seem to have little bargaining power, certainly nowhere near the seven-figure amount. In fact some 8th through 10th Rounders have accepted far less than their bonus slots, some as little as $5,000 when they could have signed for 30 times that amount. Other prospects chosen in the ‘teens have signed for sizably larger bonuses than guys taken before them. 

Where are we going with this? 

Of their overall bonus pool of $6.4MM, Toronto has spent only $1,618,280 while signing 23 of their 40 overall picks. The Blue Jays to date, however, have signed just six of their Top 10 selections, but each of those was for significantly “under slot” money. Clinton Hollon, their 2nd Round pick (47th overall) recently rsigned for $467,280, representing a 60% discount on his $1,168,200 bonus slot. That’s a huge savings. The Jays got similar deals from their third and fifth rounders.  

Currently, Toronto has just under $4 million left in their spending pool, with a bonus surplus to date of $1.3 million, more than any major league team. They're flush.

When it’s all said and done, they may just have enough left over to snag one of the nation’s finest high school sluggers with a six-figure offer comparable to the one he declined before draft day.

We have until July 12 to find out. 


BaseballSacramento Exclusive

Nunez Signs with Rocks for Big $$$ Bonus

It was just reported that Dom Nunez (Elk Grove High), selected in the sixth round, has signed with the Colorado Rockies for an $800,000 bonus, according to

As the 169th player taken in the draft the bonus slot was $265,000, which means Nunez netted $535,000 additional, the second-highest percentage over slot than anyone signed so far in the draft.

Nunez signed for the equivalent of what some second round picks got in bonus money--and more than the five guys the Rockies selected before him. For instance Colorado's second round supplemental draft pick pitcher Alex Blalog of USF signed for $795,200.

“First and foremost, he’s a quality kid,” Rockies Scouting Director Bill Schmidt, told today, "but he’s also a very good baseball player.”

While many local scouts and other draft experts projected Nunez for the second or third rounds, it was thought his value was a catcher, where he played nearly his entire senior season. Nunez and teammate Rowdy Tellez led Elk Grove to a section Division I championship this spring, over St. Mary's of Stockton. The Rockies, however, are going to give Nunez a chance at his old position, shortstop.

“We’re going to let him play infield this summer and then make an evaluation as we go forward," Schmidt said. "Maybe down the road he ends up behind the plate, but we’re going to take a look at him in the middle infield. And he’s excited about that."

As with most high school contracts, the pro team also agreed to pay for Nunez' higher education, which can amount to well over $100,000, depending on the school selected.

On draft day in the Rockies War Room, nearing round five Sacramento area scout Gary Wilson was asked to once again make his pitch for Nunez. Wilson, who coached Nunez on the Rockies scout team and knows the lad and the Nunez family very well, convinced Colorado team officials that the Elk Grove prepster was the right guy for their sixth round selection. Wilson called Dom and found him working out. “In typical Dom fashion he’s out taking ground balls,” Wilson says wryly.

The scout verified the bonus number the Nunez family was seeking, and told Nunez the Rockies wanted to do a deal. “We came to an agreement there, but it was based on a lot of trust and a long-term relationship,” Wilson added.

The Rockies were able to make Nunez a significantly high offer because they had signed their first-rounder pitcher Jonathan Gray of Oklahoma to a substantial savings of $826,400 under his bonus slot $5,626,400.

Wilson says Nunez will report to the Rockies' Grand Junction team this week where he will begin play with Gray and many of the other Rockies' Top 10 Round selections.

A four-year starter for Elk Grove High, Nunez this year hit .390 with four home runs and 37 RBIs in 34 games. He had signed a letter of intent to play for UCLA, which is playing in the College World Series.

On June 1, just after Nunez helped Elk Grove clinch Game Two for the section title, he speculated that the draft would be an exciting day and challenging with regard to his baseball future. "It’s going to be a tough decision either way. It’ll be a win-win, but a tough decision. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll see what my future holds.”

Dom Nunez' future now is to play pro ball with the ColoradoRockies.

SF Giants Sign #1 Pick, Arroyo

Christian Arroyo, the Giants first pick in the 2013 MLB Draft, has signed for a $1,866,500 bonus, the amount for his slot with the 25th pick overall.

At Hernando High School in Brooksville, Fla., Arroyo hit .524 with a .580 on-base percentage and slugged 1.019, hitting 13 doubles, three triples and 11 homers in 105 at-bats as a senior.

He also helped Team USA’s under-18 team win the gold medal in the 2012 International Baseball Federation world championships. El Grove's Dom Nunez, the 6th ROund pick by the Rockies, also played on that team.

The Giants project Arroyo as a middle infielder.

Knapp Officially Signs With Phillies

Andrew Knapp (Granite Bay/Cal), Philadelphia's second round pick in this year's draft, has signed for a $1,033,100 bonus, matching the assigned value for his No. 53 slot, according to Phillies scout Joey Davis who signed Knapp.

Knapp is presently on a bus heading for Williamsport where he will play this summer for the Single-A CrossCutters of the NY-Penn League.

For more on the former Cal star, visit this page.



Andrew Knapp, shown here last year when he played right field for Cal, doesn't figure to find himself in this position in a Phillies uniform. The star catcher was drafted in the 2nd Round and just signed for a $1MM+ bonus.


 June 6 -- Draft Day 1

Stanford's Appel Is Draft's First Pick

With the first selection in the 2013 draft the Houston Astros take Stanford pitcher Mark Appel, the school's all-time strikeout leader.


Mark Appel in a recent game against Cal Berkeley
at Evans Diamond, Berkeley.


Across the Bay...

Cal's Andrew Knapp (Granite Bay High) taken by Phils with 53rd pick in the 2nd Round of the 2013 MLB First-Year Player Draft.

At Cal, the switch-hitting catcher led the team in hitting .350, doubles (16), RBI (41) and tied for the team lead in home runs (8). One of those came off Mark Appel at Evans Diamond.

A 2013 first-team Preseason All-American and a first-team All-Pac-12 selection  this year Knapp finished third in the Pac-12 Conference in hitting.

Knapp's father Mike Knapp played for Cal as a catcher, was drafted in 1986 in the 15th Round by the California Angels, and played 11 minor league seasons. His brother Aaron, who also played for Granite Bay as a senior this year, will play for Coach Dave Esquer next season as a freshman. 
























Knapp Doubles

File Photo: Andrew Knapp (Granite Bay) in a 2012 game against Stanford.

Phillies scout Joey Davis the scout who signed Knapp offered this assessment: “Defensively, the hands work. Got toughness to play position (catcher) and really improved his receiving and blocking. Just doesn’t have a big canon for the arm, but he has enough arm to play the position. And his bat makes up for anything he may be lacking defensively. He’s a big-time switch hitter.”

Davis went on to say that Knapp "is a quiet leader that does it by example, which is what I like. I love the kid."

Knapp was really happy at the news and said his family was esctatic. "It's almost my favorite part of the job," the Phillies scout admitted.  Davis says Knapp is anxious to sign and will probably accept a figure close to the bonus slot which is just north of one million dollars ($1.033).

Late last night Knapp tweeted "Couldn't be more blessed! With God all things are possible!"

June 7--Draft Day 2

Dom Nunez of Elk Grove High was selected by Colorado in the sixth round with the 169th pick.

The Rockies drafted Nunez as a third baseman. Nunez played catcher this season almost extensively, and was projected by many in the scouting community to go in the second or third rounds as a catcher, where his quick feet and strong arm were seen as strengths for a backstrop. Baseball America projected Nunez to go around pick No. 65.

More interesting is that Nunez went ahead of Herd slugger Rowdy Tellez, who still awaits selection. At No. 169 overall, Nunez' selection is comarable to former teammate J.D. Davis who was drafted by Tampa Bay in 2011 in the 5th Round with the 180th pick. Davis declined their offer and took the scholarship to CSU Fullerton and tonight he plays in the Super Regional series against UCLA. The Bruins have a commitment from Nunez, who may opt to go college, just like Davis.


Below are Nunez' numbers his senior year at Elk Grove:


























 To read more, go to his 2013 All-Capitol Team page.

Also on Day Two:

At No. 272 in the 9th Round LHP, Tyler Linehan (Sheldon High) out of Fresno State.

June 8--Draft Day 3  

#340, 11th Round, Texas, Ryan Cordell, OF, (Valley Christian/Liberty University)
Batted .261 with 12 doubles and 40 RBI for the Flames.

#376, 12th Round, Washington, RHP, Andrew Cooper (Sierra College)
Cooper tied for the state's winningiest pitcher with 13 wins and three losses. He had a 2.65 ERA over 98.2 innings pitched. A
  native of Canada,   he   also was selected the Pitcher of the Year on the NorCal All American squad.  

#393, 13th Round, Chicago WS, 1B, Danny Hayes (Jesuit/Oregon State)
Hayes, a senior first baseman, is batting .270 with 12 doubles, five home runs and 37 runs batted in this season. His five home runs are second on the club and his 37 RBI rank third.

#395, 13th Round, St. Louis, CF, Jimmy Bosco (Jesuit/Menlo College)
Bosco was the
  2013 Player of the Year   for   NAIA West Group, batting .426 with 15 home runs, 56 RBI and a .805 slugging percentage.  

#401, 13th Round, Oakland, OF, Justin Higley (Jesuit/CSU Sacramento)
Higley batted .252 with a team leading 10 home runs and 28 RBI.

#433, 14th Round, Atlanta, IB, Tyler Kuresa (Oakmont/UC Santa Barbara)
Kuresa hit .296 with 16 doubles and 46 RBI for the Gauchos.

#500, 17th Round, Minnesota, Tanner Mendonca, RHP (Sac State)
Mendonca was 2-6 with a 4.75 ERA over 72 innings for the Hornets.

#541,18th Round, Philadelphia, Dan Child, RHP (Jesuit/Oregon State)
Child, a junior right-handed pitcher, is 4-1 with a 2.82 earned run average in 11 games this season, nine of which have been starts. Opponents are batting just .238 against him in 38 1/3 innings.

#557, 19th Round, Houston, Jake Rodriguez, C (Elk Grove/Oregon State)
Rodriguez, a junior catcher, is batting .268 with nine doubles, two home runs and 32 RBI this season while opponents have stolen just 13 bases in 32 attempts (.406). He's a first-team All-Pac-12 selection. 

#773, 26th Round, Boston, Mauricio Dubon, SS (   Capital Christian HS)
Dubon was a two-time All-Capitol Team selection. To read his stats and bio go here.

#827, 28th Round, Houston, Jordan Mills, LHP, (Oak Ridge HS/   St Marys)
An All-West Coast Conference selection, Mills
  went 51.0 innings, allowed 45 hits and 12 earned runs. He struck out 45 and held opponents to a .234 average.  

#894, 30th Round, Kansas City, Andrew Ayres, INF, (CSU Sacramento).
The former WAC Player of the Year, Ayres hit .298 with 47 RBI.

#895, 30th Round, Toronto, Rowdy Tellez, IB, (Elk Grove High)
Tellez was a two-time POY and All-Capitol Teamer. To read his story go here.

#1072, 36th Round, Miami, RHP Chandler Eden (Yuba City High).
Eden was an All-Capitol Team selection. For his stats and story go here.

#1091, 36th Round, Oakland, C, Cooper Goldby, (Yuba City High).
Goldby anchored the Division III Champion Honkers defense and hit for a .270 average.

Draft Day Experts Have Advice for Tellez, Nunez and Knapp 


J.D. Davis and Andrew Susac are two of the best players to emerge in recent years from the greater Sacramento area. Both were drafted in the 2011.


Susac, a draft-eligible sophomore at Oregon State, was in the middle of the Super Regionals when he was drafted by the San Francisco Giants in the second round. He remembers the day this way: "Disbelief almost that I was beginning a new life really...and that it was for my hometown team. Just felt very grateful for all the people that helped me along the way and excitement for what was ahead!"

Davis, the area's best high school player in 2011, was drafted in the fifth round by Tampa Bay Rays. Davis’ advice for today’s draftees while they await word: “Stay calm. And try not to get to anxious and have fun with it.”


Like Susac, who didn’t sign as a senior in high school when the Phillies drafted him in the 16th round, Davis told the Rays it would take “life-changing money,” to lure him from his scholarship at Fullerton State. That didn’t happen, and now Davis enters the weekend as the designated hitter for the No.5 team in the country, which is hosting UCLA in the Super Regionals. That’s a dream come true.


The only thing better, JD says, is to go all the way to Omaha!


2013 Draft Could be Sacramento’s “Silver Standard”

by Rick Cabral

Tomorrow’s 2013 Major League Baseball draft may be remembered as one of the most memorable in recent Sacramento history, as four local stars have a chance to be drafted in the first three rounds. 

Rowdy Tellez and Dom Nunez—the thunder and lightning in Elk Grove’s 2013 Section Division I championship team—could become the first Sacramento-area high school teammates to be drafted among the Top 100 players since 1972.  

That draft set the gold standard for Sacramento when three players were drafted in the first round: Mike Ondina of Cordova was taken 12th by the White Sox, Joel Bishop of McClatchy 16th overall by the Red Sox and Jerry Manuel was the 20th player, taken by Detroit. It is the only time three number-one draft picks came out of the same Sacramento area draft. 

The prior year—1971—Grant High saw two of its players go in the first two rounds: Taylor Duncan was the 10th player taken overall by the Braves and the Giants selected Charles “Tony” Pepper in the second round. 

This Thursday's outcome may rival that as the second biggest day. 

In BaseballAmerica’s recent Top 500 Prospects list Tellez was ranked No. 59 and Nunez No. 65 in the country.  

With his incredible power, Tellez is projected as a bona fide slugging first base prospect. “He’s got big-league power and could be a first-day guy,” says one active local scout. Pro teams see him as “…a potential middle-of the-order bat.”  

While no one we spoke with questions his hitting ability and power potential, one area scout felt Tellez’ bulky upper body made him more suited for a designated hitter position, asking “Where’s he going to play? And who’s gonna pay for a high school D-H,” he speculated. 

Hearing this, one National League scout waved it off, agreeing Tellez is capable of playing the first base position equally as good as someone like Ryan Howard of the Phillies who has a similar bulky build. At 6’4” and 225 pounds, Tellez hit .500 and drove in 46 RBI in his senior season and 176 RBI for his career, a record for Northern California prepsters.  

Leon Lee, former minor leaguer and Japanese League star said of Tellez, “The name of the game is hitting, and he has tremendous power with tremendous upside. You can’t really deny that kind of power, the way he adjusts to off-speed pitches,” the former Chicago Cubs scout noted. “There is some club out there that is going to buy his bat.” He is the father of now retired baseball star Derrek Lee (El Camino) who played 15 major league seasons and won a world series with Florida in 2003. 

One National League scout who believes Tellez will go in the second or third round says he thinks the former Herd star will sign when presented with the opportunity and near million-dollar bonus option. Rowdy has signed a letter of intent to play for USC in the Pac-12 Conference.  


Above: Nunez hits in the playoffs.
Below, Tellez emulating "Stretch" McCovey at first base.



Nunez is viewed differently, depending on who you talk to.

A former shortstop/third baseman for head coach Jeff Carlson in his first three varsity seasons, Nunez shifted nearly full-time to catcher, a position he learned on the fly this year. He saw teammate Jake Rodriguez make the same adjustment in his senior season in 2010. The scouts’ assessments were nearly unanimous: Nunez, a gap-to-gap left-handed hitting prospect, enhanced his value by shifting to catcher, where he utilizes his quick release and canon arm that saw him throw out runners with regularity. He is projected as the fourth or fifth best catching prospect in the country.

One American League scout, however, feels Nunez’ best path to the majors is his old position of shortstop with catcher as a fallback position. “(Offers) a very interesting tool package.” 

While Dom has been told he should be selected around the second or third round (BaseballAmerica projects him at number 65), some scouts view his “signability” as too great a barrier. Nunez, committed to play at UCLA next spring, is thought to be leaning toward the college option by one National League scout. Nunez, however, indicated he was very interested in turning pro, if all things align themselves just right for the 6’1”, 185 pound athlete who some believe could be the Yankees’ next Jorge Posada. “It’s going to be a tough decision either way,” Nunez admitted during the section championship celebration. “I’m looking forward to it. We’ll see what my future holds.” 

A similar scenario surrounds Yuba City’s Chandler Eden, who is committed to play for Oregon State. The right-handed rfireballer struck out 14 and threw a no-hitter in the Honkers section title game against Colfax. But his signability is considered high or tough to overcome. The slender 6’1” pitcher admitted after the section championship that he plans to pitch for the Beavers on scholarship. “(The draft’s) exciting. But I’m going to school (Oregon State); I don’t think I’m going to sign this year,” he said candidly. Most scouts believe Eden will fill out in college and add several feet to his fastball which topped out at 96 this year, although he normally sits in the low 90s. BaseballAmerica projects Eden at no. 70. 

Projected right behind Eden is Andrew Knapp of Cal Berkeley, considered one of the top catchers in the draft. He led the Bears in hitting with a .350 average and 41 RBI. A switch-hitter with pop in his bat, scouts have been impressed with Knapp’s refinements to his defensive game. One National League scout said “He’s really improved his receiving and blocking. He just doesn’t have a big canon, but he has enough arm to play the position. And his bat makes up for anything he may be lacking defensively. He’s a big-time switch hitter.”

An American League scout agrees saying, “He’s a power bat that’s put up solid numbers over three years in one of the toughest conferences in the country. With the possibility of playing another position if catching doesn’t work out, there’s a lot to like. Should go early.” 

Other locals who may be drafted in the Top 500 this week

OF, Ryan Cordell (Valley Christian/Liberty University)
LHP, Tyler Linehan (Sheldon/Fresno State)
INF, Tyler Kuresa (Oakmont/UC Santa Barbara)
OF/P, Josh Adams (Pleasant Grove > UC Santa Barbara)
OF, Justin Higley (Sacramento State) 

Other projected pro picks

C, Jake Rodriguez, (Elk Grove/Oregon State)
LHP, Jordan Mills (Oak Ridge/St. Mary’s)
INF, Andrew Ayres (Sacramento State)
RHP, Tanner Mendonca (Sacramento State)
RHP, Hunter Greenwood (Sacramento State)
INF, Nick Lynch (UC Davis)
C, Blake Grant-Parks (Yuba City/Sierra)
RHP, Andrew Cooper (Sierra)
INF, Andrew Lojewski (American River College)
INF, Andre Gregory (Jesuit)
INF, Marcus Vidales (Pioneer)
P/INF, Zack Aukes (Pioneer)
P/INF, Thomas Galart (Pioneer)
INF, Mauricio Dubon (Capital Christian)
P/INF, Mikey Wright (Elk Grove)


To read Leon Lee's draft day experience in 1971, go Time Travelin' 1971.


MLB Draft News

Baseball America yesterday came out with its Best Tools 2013 Draft. Among its projected Top 250 prospects they rated Rowdy Tellez (Elk Grove High) among the three best high school hitters in two categories: power and strikezone judgment.

Tellez has 26 home runs and 170 runs batted in over his four-year varsity career under coach Jeff Carlson at Elk Grove. Also, he has cut down significantly on strikeouts: four this year and the same amount in 2012 compared to 25 his freshman season.

Chandler Eden, who will pitch for Yuba City on Monday in the Section III Championship game was ranked in the top three for Best Fastball among high school pitchers.


Major League Draft Preview

Over the weekend Baseball America released its Top 100 Draft Prospects, and four locals made the list. Here's a brief summary beginning with their ranking in bold:

63Dom Nunez, Elk Grove High senior: (.397/31/6/3/3) Rated as the 4th high school catcher in the country with only one year’s experience, the upside on Nunez is high, despite not hitting .400 in his senior season at Elk Grove. The wear and tear of adjusting to the catcher position could be the main reason. Elk Grove starts the run through the playoffs this evening at home against Vintage of Napa.

64Rowdy Tellez, Elk Grove High senior: (.458/33/13/1/6) Considered the third-ranked first baseman in the bunch. An RBI machine with power off the charts. Moves around the first base bag with agility despite big body (like a Ryan Howard body-type one scout said). Has led or been among leaders in home runs since his sophomore season.

70Andrew Knapp, Cal Berkeley, junior: (.353/39/15/0/7) The catcher/outfielder is leading Cal Berkeley in hitting with a .353 batting average (as of 5/12/13) while slugging at a .542 average. The junior from Granite Bay High followed in the footsteps of his father, who also played for the Bears.

72Chandler Eden, Yuba City High senior: Don’t let Eden’s 4-2 record fool you. It hasn’t for the scouts who’ve tracked him as high as 93 on the radar gun. In 49+ innings, the 6’2” pitcher has allowed 23 hits, while fanning 83 batters to 17 walks. Ranked the 24th top righthander in the country, Eden leads the Honkers into the Division-III playoffs against Antelope on Thursday at McAuliffe Field.

Updated 7/22/13
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